Workshops & Seminars

We run a full schedule of seminars and workshops aimed at pet dog owners and professionals within the animal care field. All content is delivered professionally either in a practical workshop or in a theoretical seminar with lots of opportunity to discuss and develop your knowledge. 

We recommend all of our dog owners attend at least the recall and lead walking workshop and the behaviour and body language level 1 seminar in order to fully understand your dog.


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A 2.5 hour practical workshop for owners and dogs to work through and learn every aspect of recall from building attention to name and a recall cue through to using a longline and teaching a toy based recall. A must for all dog owners to ensure they stay on track with a strong recall.



Train the Trainer level 1

A 6 hour seminar developing your understanding of how dogs learn and how to communicate effectively with them. including learning theory and application.


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Reactivity & Agression

A 6 hour seminar taking an in depth look at the many types of aggression and reactivity and how to resolve them.



Lead Walking

A 2.5 hour practical workshop for owners and dogs to work through and learn every aspect of loose lead walking starting with standing and moving on a loose lead through to formal heel work and adding distractions. A must for all owners to keep lead work to its optimum.



Train the Trainer level 2

A 6 hour seminar further improving your understanding of how to be the best trainer you can be by applying learning there to a range of contexts.


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Behaviour & Body Language level 1

A 6 hour seminar improving your understanding of your dogs body language and how this  works with their behaviour with both theory and practical time to extend and improve your knowledge and understanding.



Behaviour & Body Language Level 2

A 6 hour seminar further improving and developing your understanding of how to read your dogs body language and apply this to a range of behaviour situations.