Behaviour Consultations

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Pre Consult Form

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3 Sessions prepay


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Vet Referral Form

30 min phone consult


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1 hr initial session


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45min Puppy 1:1



Behaviour Consultations

Here at Charismatic Pets, Charis our behaviourist has years of experience with a first class hons undergraduate degree in human psychology and and post graduate in animal behaviour. With full APDT membership and provisional APBC membership Charis stays up to date through regular CPD on all of the best ways to treat a wide variety of problem behaviours. She can assist you in finding resolution to a range of behavioural problems using science and psychology to understand and remedy the problem.

She will work with you and your animal to find the cause of any problems and put in place a behaviour modification programme to strive towards resolving them.

This can be done at our training centre or at your home. If at your home, a visit fee will apply.


Vet Referrals

There are a number of medical disorders that can cause or underlie behaviour change in our pets so it is essential that we ensure that these causes are ruled out and/or treated before we treat a behaviour problem. Treating an animal behvaiourally when it has a medical issue will cause the problem to worsen and be very detrimental to the animal's welbeing. Therefore we ask that you contact your vet and make an appointment to have the animal checked over with it in mind that you are seeking behavioural advice. The vet can then fill out our referral form that will enable the case to be taken on by Charis. We work closely with a number of local vets so are happy to talk this through with them if required.


Pre Consult Form

We prefer to have all behaviour clients to have filled out a pre consult form before our first behaviour session. This will allow Charis to asses the situation before you get together and save valuable time in your consultation.


Treatment protocols

Charis has found over the years that the best way to work with owners and their pets to resolve problems is through a series of 1 hour sessions. These are usually a mixture of discussion and practical work. Some owners find one session to be informative enough to set them on the right path to resolution and others like to have future sessions to continue to further their knowledge and understanding and to take up the opportunity to improve the practical applications of the behaviour modification programme they are following. We offer various packages or pay as you go options for behaviour to allow clients to work with Charis as suits them depending on the level of support they need and their financial situation. We often encourage participation in an appropriate training class and our workshops and seminars.


Behaviour problems we treat

Common problems we work with regularly in our behavioural consulatations are:

 - Human aggression 

 - Dog aggression

 - Fearful behaviour,

 - Phobias

 - Intolerance to grooming and handling

 - Territorial behaviour

 - Puppy training and socialisation

 - Separation related issues

 - Dog reactivity

 - Lead pulling

 - Lack of recall