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We are Puppy Experts!

We pride ourselves on our puppy training and have 3 main activities for puppies.

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Socialisation Workshop

Puppy Club

We also have 1:1 training sessions available

Please register your interest in puppy training classes in order to be on our waiting list for the next intake

staffie pup.heic
staffie pup.heic

Puppy Training Classes

Set puppy criteria

All of the basics and foundations of training

£60 a month working on direct debit

You can work up through our levels

Graduate straight into Juvenile level

We take pups after 1st vaccs in class 

Contact us now to get on the waiting list for our next intake

Daytime, Evening and Saturday classes available

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Puppy Socialisation Workshop

Once a month

First Thursday of every month at 12pm

£15 a session

Confidence building

Guided socialisation

Must be booked in advance

We take pups from second vaccs

chi pup harness.heic

**FREE** Puppy Club

Once a month

First Saturday of every month at 1pm


Explore the centre

Chat with our industry experts

Socialise appropriately

On lead activities to ensure puppies stay relaxed

Must be booked in advance

cocker pup crate.heic

Puppy 1:1 Programme

1:1 sessions bespoke to you and your puppy


~ Mouthing

~ Toilet training

~ Jumping up

~ Lead training

~ Crate training

~ Recall training

~ Separation training

AND so much more

Puppy package - 6 sessions - £350

One off 1:1s as required - £60

cocker pup crate.heic
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