Doggie Daycare

Our 5* daycare is open 8.00am until 5.00pm with full or half days available.

Our day consists of play time, training and nap times.


Dogs are assessed in their COMPULSORY trial for suitability to ensure they are happy and settled in the daycare environmentWe continue assessment for the first 5 weeks to ensure dogs stay settled and we feedback to you throughout, via pick ups and report cards.



Our dogs are split into play groups that are matched on age, size and play style to ensure they have the best experience and groups are rotated throughout the day. We ensure all dogs get enough rest periods so they don't overexercise or overexert.

All feeding is done separately to ensure dogs remain happy and relaxed. 


Please note that we cannot take bitches that are in season. We prefer that adult males are neutered, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

We require a copy of your dogs vaccination card for our records along with a full booking form which is kept securely in our database.


If a dog doesn't settle well in our daycare we may recommend other avenues of care.

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Full Day

Full Day

£23.50 per dog per day

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Half Day

Half Day

£19.75 per dog per day



Book your daycare trial today in preparation to attending our daycare



Terms & Conditions

Please read through the terms and conditions below to ensure you are happy with all aspects of how our daycare works

All owners agree to our terms and conditions by booking our Daycare services

Full payment for services to be made in advance via invoice before placements can be allocated. Bacs payment is our preferred method of payment. 


If payment is late, we reserve the right to refuse admission to daycare.


The client must provide all items necessary for your dog: food, medication, treats and bedding if required.


Bowls, treats, toys and bedding will be provided by Charismatic Pets unless your dog has a special diet or need. 


If the contact is not available Charismatic Pets reserves the right to consult with our veterinary surgeon (Garston Vets) and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal at full cost to the owner.


The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of Charismatic Pets.


The client must notify Charismatic Pets to any behavioural problems with their dogs at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancellation of any future bookings.

Dogs must have completed a trial in our daycare before being admitted to a full daycare session.


Extreme damage to Charismatic Pets property caused by a pet may occur a charge to the owner.


Charismatic Pets will care for your animal as you would, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, Charismatic Pets cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the centre whilst in our care.


48 hours notice is required for all cancellations otherwise full payment is retained.

Due to additional staffing costs involved, a late collection fee will be charged on any collections later than 15 minutes after closing time. Late collection fees are charged at the rate of £10 per 15 minutes and payable on late collection of your dog.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough and must be on a regular flea and worm control regime. Records must be provided of all vaccinations including each additional booster to Charismatic Pets, which will be kept on file.