3 WK Intensive Lead Training

Our 3 week intensive lead walking course is designed to set you up with all of the skills you need in order to rectify poor manners on the lead, lead pulling and lunging on the lead. 

The first week is spent in our training centre working through the preparation exercises that you need to focus on ready for the following two weeks to be outside where we put the exercises into practice. 

Lead manners can be a tricky behaviour to really master and it takes peserverence and determination, especially for those dogs that have learnt to pull on the lead but this 3 week course will give you all of the exercises required for you to take them home and get to work on to resolve any lead walking problems you might be having.

If you are suffering with lead reactivity problems we suggest a 1:1 session with Charis our behaviourist first to diagnose the reason behind the reactivity and to best place you in a class that is suitable for your dog.



FRI APR 21st 10.30AM

FRI MAY 12TH 10.30AM

To find out the next start date for the lead pulling course please contact us and to book your spot charismaticpets@gmail.com