Adolescent Course

Adolescent Training & Socialisation Training Course

Our Adolescent training course is designed to suit dogs from 9 months old (or fresh graduates from our juvenile course) up to 18 months of age.

The course covers socialisation and training exercises that help to deal with frustration, self control and general good manners and obedience. The course also continues appropriate socialisation through these vital months of your dogs life as they enter their secondary fear period.

A brief outline of the course includes:

- Self control on the lead

- Self control around food

- Self control in greetings

- Heel work

- Leave it with extra distraction

- Watch me

- Hide 

- Spin

- Recall

- Down stays

- Wait-Recall

- Touch

and more!! 

Please download the booking form and complete and return it to or drop it into our training centre.

Your place cannot be secured until a deposit and form has been received. You can pay the deposit via BACS transfer, card cash or cheque at our training centre or via our online booking system

To book online please follow this link: