Behaviour Consultations

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We can assist you in finding resolution to a range of behavioural problems in a range of species. We work with you and your animal to find the cause of any problems and put in place a behaviour modification programme to strive towards resolving them.

When you require a behaviour consultation you will first need to obtain a vet referral.

Vet referrals
There are a number of medical disorders that can cause behaviour change in our pets so it is essential that we ensure that these causes are ruled out and/or treated before we treat the behaviour problem. Treating an animal behvaiourally when it has a medical issue will cause the problem to worsen and be very detrimental to the animal's welbeing. Therefore we ask that you contact your vet and make an appointment to have the animal checked over with it in mind that you are seeking behavioural advice.
The vet can then fill out our referral form that will enable the case to be taken on by Charis here at Charismatic Pets.
You can download the referral form by clicking the link in the text. Just take this along with you to your appointment at the vets.
Behaviour Questionnaire
Once you have obtained the vet referral, the next step is to fill out the behaviour questionnaire. This can also be downloaded by clicking on the link.
This will give Charis a much greater insight into what the problem is, how it started and how it has developed.
This information is essential in reaching an accurate diagnosis and ensuring that the behaviour modification that you embark upon is the correct methods of treating the problems that you are seeing. Treating incorrectly can result in a worsening of the behaviour and be very detrimental to your pet's welfare.
What a consultation involves

Inclusive in the cost of a behaviour consultation is:

  • A two hour behaviour consultation consisting of history taking, diagnosis and the initial implementation of the behaviour modification programme.
  • A full written behaviour report that will enable you to continue behaviour modification after the consultation. The behaviour report will lead you through a staged programme for you and your pet from week to week.
  • Complimentary follow up contact via email or phone.
  • Liaison with your vet where required.

Common problems we work with regularly in our behavioural consulatations are:

  • Aggression problems
  • Fearful behaviour
  • Phobias
  • Grooming problems
  • Territorial problems
  • Separation related issues

Follow up practical sessions are available when required.