Charismatic Pets Doggy Day Care

Charismatic Pets Doggy Daycare
Bring your pet to a home from home for the day
Our experienced staff will care for your pet and love it every bit as much as you do!
Safe fun and purpose built for your dog's needs!
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The day consists of play time with the other doggies, settle times using our doggy dens or the various beds available and also 1:1 with the staff here at Charismatic Pets. We usually structure in a nap time at 10.30am and 1.30pm with 1:1 time spent with the dogs in our care around these times. So if you have specific area you wouldl ike training focussed on just let us know!
Daycare is open 8.30am until 6.00pm with an early starters option available at 8am (no extra charge but must be prebooked). We offer full days and half days (start/end at 1.30pm).
Dogs are assessed before coming to daycare to ensure they are going to settle in with our Charismatic Pets family without any worries or concerns. We offer shorter trial sessions to introduce dogs to the environment and routine to ensure they settle. We also like to allow for 5 sessions to ensure dogs settle in ok and will feedback to you during this time to make sure daycare is right for you and your dog.
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Dogs are matched on age, size and play to those that they will get on best with and have the most fun with for when they attend daycare. This also ensures puppies, or older doggies, don't overdo it and that rest periods are available as and when required.
We give the dogs regular rest periods to ensure that they do not get over tired and this helps us to monitor and manage their play and exercise. 
We can pick your dog up for you and drop them off in our pet taxi if this is required. Pick ups start from 9am and 1.30pm and drop offs start from 4.30pm.
All feeding is done seperately to ensure dogs remain happy and relaxed.
Please note that we cannot take bitches that are in season. We prefer that adult males are neutered, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.