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Muddy paws and wet walks


At this time of year when everything is soggy and sludgy it can be tricky for us dog owners to find safe and convenient places to walk. Here a few tips in staying safe and keeping clean.


1. If road walking your dog due to the nasty winter weather try to allow your pooch to walk on grass verges as much as possible and ensure you rinse of their pads after their walk. This prevents a build up of grit and dirt which can be very irritating for those with sensitive paws.

2. Follow guidelines on which fields you can walk in. Whilst searching for the not so boggy field ensure you follow guidelines on which areas you may enter and use and which to avoid due to livestock. If walking in new areas it's always worth checking for livestock each time you enter and if you are unsure check who owns the land and just ask if you are allowed.


3. Vet recommendations have been that very muddy areas could be a factor in the few Alabama Rot cases that have been seen in the area so avoiding very muddy, sodden areas is recommended.

4. When returning from a soggy walk avoid rubbing your dog down whilst they are wet with a towel, this can scratch their skin especially on their underbelly where hair is thinner as you rub any mud or grit in to them. Instead either rinse them off before drying or let them dry naturally and then gently brush out any dirt using a soft rubber brush.

5. Look for fields that have an incline across them allowing you to walk around the higher areas which should be drier and less sodden. Higher wooded areas should also give better drainage so allow you to follow paths that are less muddy.

6. And the best advice.....get some very good, waterproof boots with very good grips in their soles. This will help you to stay upright during this winter weather!